Selected Publications

*denotes equal contribution


1) J. Lee*, D. Wong*, J. Velasco Jr. , J. F Rodriguez-Nieva, S. Kahn, H.Z. Tsai, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, A. Zettl, F. Wang, L. Levitov, M. F. Crommie, “Imaging Electrostatically Confined Dirac Fermions in Graphene Quantum Dots”, Nature Physics, Advance Online Publication (2016), DOI:

2) J. Velasco Jr.*, L. Ju*, D. Wong*, S. Kahn, J. Lee, H.Z. Tsai, C. Germany, S. Wickenburg, J. Lu, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, A. Zettl, F. Wang, and M.F. Crommie, “Nanoscale Control of Rewritable Doping Patterns in Pristine Graphene/BN Heterostructures”, Nano Letters (2016) ASAP


3) D. Wong*, J. Velasco Jr.*, L. Ju*, J. Lee, S. Kahn, H.Z. Tsai, C. Germany, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, A. Zettl, F. Wang, M. F. Crommie, “Characterization and manipulation of individual defects in insulating hexagonal boron nitride using scanning tunneling microscopy”, Nature Nanotechnology (2015) Advance Online Publication


4) Y. Lee, D. Tran, K. Myhro, J. Velasco Jr., N. Gillgren, C. N. Lau, Y. Barlas, J.M. Poumirol, D. Smirnov, F. Guinea, “Competition between spontaneous symmetry breaking and single-particle gaps in trilayer graphene” Nature Communications 5, Article number: 5656 (2014)

5) J. Velasco Jr.*, Y. Lee*, F. Zhang*, K. Myhro, D. Tran, M. Deo, D. Smirnov, A. H. MacDonald, C. N. Lau, “Competing Ordered Filling Factor Two States in Bilayer Graphene”, Nature Communications 5, Article number :4550 (2014)

6) L. Ju*, J. Velasco Jr.*, E. Huang, S. Kahn, C. Nosiglia, Hsin-Zon Tsai, W. Yang, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, Y. Zhang, G. Zhang, M. Crommie, A. Zettl, F. Wang, “Photo-induced Doping in Graphene/Boron Nitride Heterostructures” Nature Nanotechnology 9, 348–352 (2014)

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7) J. Velasco Jr., Y. Lee, Z. Zhao, L. Jing, P. Kratz, M. Bockrath, C. N. Lau, “Transport Measurement of Landau Level Gaps in Bilayer Graphene with Layer Polarization”, Nano Letters Vol. 14, 1324 (2014)

8) H. Zhang†, J.W. Huang†, J. Velasco Jr., K. Myhro, M. Maldonado, D. Tran, Z. Zhao, F. Wang, Y. Lee, G. Liu, W. Bao, C. N. Lau, “Transport in Suspended Monolayer and Bilayer Graphene Under Strain: A New Platform for Material Studies”, Carbon Volume 69, 336–341 (2014)
†These authors contributed equally to this work


9) Y. Lee, J. Velasco Jr., D. Tran, F. Zhang, W. Bao, L. Jing, K. Myhro, D. Smirnov, C.N. Lau, “Broken Symmetry Quantum Hall States in Dual Gated ABA Trilayer Graphene”, Nano Letters Vol. 4, 1627 (2013)


10) C.N. Lau, W. Bao, J. Velasco Jr., “Properties of Suspended Graphene Membranes” Materials Today 15, 238-245 (2012)

11) J. Velasco Jr., Y. Lee, L. Jing, G. Liu, W. Bao, and C. N. Lau, “Quantum Transport in Double-gated Graphene Devices”, Solid State Communications 152, 1301 (2012)

12) W.Bao‡, J. Velasco Jr. ‡, F. Zhang‡, L. Jing, B. Standley, D. Smirnov, M. Bockrath, A. MacDonald, C.N. Lau, “Evidence for a Spontaneous Gapped State in Ultra-Clean Bilayer Graphene” Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 109, 10802 (2012)
‡These authors contributed equally to this work.

13) J. Velasco Jr., L. Jing, W. Bao, Y. Lee, P. Kratz, V. Aji, M. Bockrath, C.N. Lau, C. Varma, R. Stillwell, D. Smirnov, F. Zhang, J. Jung, A.H. MacDonald, “Transport Spectroscopy of Symmetry-Broken Insulating States in Bilayer Graphene”, Nature Nanotechnology 7, 156–160 (2012)
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14) W. Bao, L. Jing, J. Velasco Jr., Y. Lee, D. Tran, B. Standley, M. Aykol, S. B. Cronin, D. Smirnov, M. Koshino, E. McCann, M. Bockrath, C. N. Lau. “Stacking-dependent band gap and transport in trilayer graphene” Nature Physics 7, 948–952 (2011)

15) J. Velasco Jr., Z. Zhao, H. Zhang, F. Wang, Z. Wang, P. Kratz, L. Jing, W. Bao, J. Shi and C. N. Lau, “Suspension and Measurement of Graphene and Bi2Se3 Thin Crystals” Nanotechnology 22, 285305 (2011)- Selected for cover


16) L. Jing,‡ J. Velasco Jr.,‡ P. Kratz, G. Liu, W. Bao, M. Bockrath, and C. N. Lau, “Quantum Transport and Field-Induced Insulating States in Bilayer Graphene pnp Junctions” Nano Letters Vol.10, 4000 (2010)
‡These authors contributed equally to this work.

17) J. Velasco Jr., G. Liu, L. Jing, P. Kratz, H. Zhang, W.Z. Bao, M. Bockrath, C.N. Lau, “Probing charging and localization in the quantum Hall regime by graphene pnp junctions”, Phys. Rev. B(R) 81, 121407 (2010) – Selected for Rapid Communications and Editor’s choice


18) J. Velasco Jr. and G. Liu, W. Bao and C. N. Lau, “Electrical Transport in High Quality Graphene pnp Junctions” New J. Phys. 11, 095008 (2009)

19) G. Liu, J. Velasco Jr., W. Bao and C. N. Lau, “Fabrication of Graphene pnp Junctions with Contactless Top Gates” Appl. Phys. Lett., 92, 203103 (2008)



1) “Suspended Structures”, Chun Ning Lau, Gang Liu, Jairo Velasco Jr., patent#7948042

2) “Local Doping of Two-Dimensional Materials”, Dillon Wong, Jairo Velasco Jr., Long Ju, Salman Kahn, Juwon Lee, Chad E. Germany, Alexander K. Zettl, Feng Wang, Michael F. Crommie, Provisional patent application submitted